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In 2010, 6 long years ago, I discovered the pleasure of watching TV shows on the internet. I was 15 years old and that September, I enter my English speaking video world. The beginning of all.
Before that, I always thought I would have lived in a not yet clear place, working a not yet clear job. I basically didn’t know what to wish for yet.
My middle school love for French was gone, and English caught me into its web. The shows I used to watch were Americans, and with their language, I also started to get interested in American culture.
Just one year later, thanks to that same old TV show, my love for Chicago was born. I fell in love with that city, started searching for pictures, information, its story and all. I also did my high school final essay about Chicago. I finally had my first real dream: moving to Chicago, the place that felt right for me.
Time went on. My love for Chicago is still there even today, but a few travels and other inspiring things made me fallen in love with other places too. First of all, Copenhagen. Secondly, London.
London is pretty saturated with Italians; still today, because of our economic crisis, many of us move to London (Even those who don’t really speak a word of English) to find a job there, instead of being unemployed in our home country. This, though, is not my case.
I’m lucky enough to say that I have a job, a nice one, so I don’t really need to move away to find a new one.
But this is the thing: need and want are two different words.
I think there are two macro-categories  of people: those who conduct a normal life, doing just the basics to satisfy human primary needs, and those who see a little further and have dreams. I belong to the second category.
I have a different need, for moving abroad. It’s not a material need, it’s a psychological one. I feel like I don’t only belong to Italy, I feel like I belong to  the rest of the world, too.
So, I had my plans. I had to get a job, work for a few months (Let’s say 6, which is how long my contract usually lasts), save money, then move.
It’s January when I start working, quite excited for what future holds. It’s the same company I worked for the year before, as an intern, so I also already know how things work. Great, right?
It’s May, when they offer me to stay for other 6 months. My wallet it’s not fat enough, so I accept. Other 6 months, and then I’ll move to London.
Then, the bad news: Brexit. Just to make things harder.
Let’s not be pessimistic, though. It will take time to affect immigration, so it’s still possible. Great.
Months pass by, and we finally arrive to an important day: yesterday, USA Elections.
I’m not an expert in politics, this is just my ignorant opinion, but for the next 4 years, the United States, the country of dreams, will be ruled by a racist, sexist, ignorant man. Everything I hate about people, in just one shell. Bad news, again.
The New York Times posted an interesting article about Elections results. This is just my own brief analysis.
*58% of White people voted for Trump.
*53% of 45 year olds and over voted for Trump.
*67% of White people without a college degree voted for Trump.
*52% of Catholics voted for Trump.
*58% of Protestants and other Christians voted for Trump.
*81% of White evangelical or white born-again Christians voted for Trump.
*64% of people who think that Immigration is the most important issue voted for Trump.
The “interesting” thing about this two political decisions it that they were both made by older people, people who might not even see the future change they decided, people who agreed to damage their own country for the main purpose of forbidding foreigns to touch their soil.
Yes people, in 2016, long after Medieval time, we still are scared of the different.
So, now, who knows if I’ll ever be able to fulfill my dreams and live in London, or Chicago.
But I just realised one thing: the Earth is no place for the dreamers anymore.

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