Welcome 2018!

New year's resolutions for 2018

New year’s resolutions for 2018

Popping a virtual bottle of champagne (Or prosecco, as every self-respecting Italian) I here wish you an amazing new year!

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this happy about a new year starting, and I want to writtenly record this moment on here.

In exactly one week I will be back to Copenhagen, the place I feel like home. I will go back to work and my routine, but it’s from today that I want to start with my new year’s resolutions.

My main focus is not to ever be bored. Every time I will feel like I’m wasting time, I will explore, read, write, meet people and fill my life with all the happiness possible. Afterall, I’m now a proud resident of one of the happiest countries in the world!

I wish you the exact same, to have a happy year, full of what you love the most, amazing memories, smiles and joy!

Do what you love, without caring about what other people might think of you and judge.
Push your limits.
Try new things.
Make 2018 a memorable year!

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