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DISCLAIMERWhy would you share your insights to other people?
Brief answer: even if the competition among wannabe published writers is high, I still feel like we should all help each other.

Facebook page & Instagram profile

A couple of days ago, I finally decided to start working on my author Facebook page. When trying to get your name out there, using a blog and social media is the best way to promote yourself.

So, that’s why I decided to use a Facebook page and use that platform to share my writing on the web.
When I created it, a long time ago, I just invited my closest friends and family to like the page, and then left it there waiting.
Second step: I then shared the link of my page under a couple of posts in writing groups, the ones made for that purpose. My “fanbase” grow to 70-ish people.

A couple of days ago, it striked me: why not trying to improve my Facebook page using paying ads?
I decided I just wanted to test the feature and keep a low budget.

  1. I started with boosting one brief first post.
    Budget: €2/24h
    Results: 1.491 likes
  2. During those 24 hours, I also decided to try an Engagement campaign, to reach more people and get more likes on the page.
    Budget: €10/24h
    Results: 967 likes
  3. Third step of my test was to try a Traffic campaign, to get people (Both through instagram and Facebook) to click on a link and go to my website.
    Budget: €2/24h
    Results: 11 link clicks (I actually crosschecked with my WordPress statistics, and that day I got 28 hits from Facebook and 1 from Instagram)

Please note that, even with more than a thousand like on my Facebook page, my posts still don’t get that many likes (I barely go over 10).
I wouldn’t suggest you to just pay for every post, but to interact with your “fans”, post interesting content and do your best to make your platform grow without swiping the credit card. Paying ads should help, but not do all the job.

Twitter profile

Satisfied with those results on Facebook, I decided to give it a go on Twitter too.

  1. I did a Followers campaing. I was so unsatisfied that I stop it after spending €7,78, not even 24h later.
    Budget: €10/48h
    Results: 1.498 impressions but only 11 likes

Final thoughts

I was really satisfied with my Facebook results, but not at all with the Twitter ads platform. I find quite hard to promote myself and my writing on Twitter, so I decided to focus on my Facebook page for now.

How was your experience with ads?


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