How to have a functional smartphone for writers – Android Apps

Hello everybody!
Basically, everyone owns a smartphone, a device that we use more for chatting, surfing the internet or playing video games, than for phone calls.
In every app store, there are plenty of apps a writer can download (For free!) to write, read and take notes, without always having a laptop near.
Here’s my list of writing & reading apps.



*Amazon Kindle is an app for those who like reading e-books. You don’t need a physical Kindle to read the e-books you buy on Amazon, you can just read them on your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, etc. just with this free app.

*WattPad is a platform for story sharing. You can both read and publish your original stories and your fanfictions on this one, and share them with the world wide web!
(I also read fanfiction on EFP, an Italian website that doesn’t own an app yet.)


*WordPress is the app you need to manage everything concerning your website (If you built it on this platform, of course!) You can write articles from your phone, check the statistics and much much more!

*Goodreads is a social network for bibliophiles. You can set your personal account and save on a virtual shelf the books you’ve read, the ones you are currently reading and your reading wishlist. You can also write and read reviews, find out about books you didn’t even know existed… It basically is an online library. With no smell of paper, no armchairs to sit and read and no happy seller that smiles at you because you just bought 3 books and empty your wallet. But it still is nice!


*Office Mobile is the normal Office you’ve always found on your computers, but for your smartphone! With Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can do basically everything!

*iA Writer is a similar version of Word, for those who need a lighter app, just to write what cross their minds when they are not at home.


*Plot Generator will help you find an idea for a story! After choosing a genre, it will give you random ideas for location, complication, character and detail!

*Character Planner will help you with the creation of your characters. All you have to do is fill the blanks with your ideas!

*RPG Character Generator will help you create your characters, by giving you lists of races, archetypes, alignment, weapons and much else, among which you can choose wait suits your character best!*WritingExcercises is the best app for prompts! It will provide you, based on your choice, a Random First Line, a Random Subject, a Random Character or a Random Plot for you to write about!


*Creativity resembles a journal, that you can fill with your ideas for each section, from Brainstorming, to Random Words, to much else!

*Mindly is the perfect app for brainstorming and creating maps of your projects!

*Creative Diary is literally what its name says. A calendar that you can fill not just with appointments and reminders, but also with ideas, mood, money count and everything else you need!


*Writeometer helps you reaching your writing goal! By setting a word count and a reminder, it will remember to write and how much!

*Habitica, with a nice alter-ego, is the perfect game that will make you productive! You can add daily goals, to-dos and habits, and when you’ll reach them, your alter-ego will be alive, healthy and will also gain experience!

*Forest is an environmental app to stay focus! By setting a timer, you’ll start growing a plant or a tree. But, be careful! It will die if you exit the app! Stay focused and grow a nice forest on your phone!

What apps do you use? Answer in the comments below, so other writers can discover new tools! We never have enough apps (Nor memory!)

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