The Little Book of Hygge – Book Review


The UK/US version and the Italian version of the book


A Dane once told me: “To understand hygge, you have to live it
While waiting for that experience to reach me, I do what I always do when something interests me: I read about it.

If I should sum up what I got from this book in one sentence, I would say that hygge is that time spent with people you love, feeling comfortable with less.
You don’t need anything expensive to be hyggelig; the less, the better.
Just grab a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, get comfortable under a blanket and chat with your friends and family with just candle light on. No screens, no distraction, just yourselves.
This sounds amazing and seems to be one of the secrets why Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world.
Reading this book makes you realise the importance of switching off, relaxing and taking time for what’s important: yourself and the people you care about. And food, because, well… It’s food! (Even better if homemade pastries are involved!)

Unfortunately, everything has a dark side, even happiness. That’s what the author, Meik Wiking, explains in the video below.
The example that really got me is this one:

If you are unemployed in a country with a high unemployment rate, you blame the country. (This is true, I experience this almost every day here in Italy.)
If you are unemployed in a country with a low unemployment rate, you blame yourself.

Sometimes we blame others when it’s our fault, and sometimes we blame ourselves when there’s nothing we can’t do.
The latter is the worst, what can take people to do the irreparable worst.

If you have time, watch this really interesting video. It’s amazing to learn about how beautifully happy a country can be, but it’s also right and necessary to realise even what is darker in its soil.
We should not hide what’s important, just because it’s bad.
We should do the opposite: make the dark side of things see the light, so that dark side gets smaller and smaller every day.

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