The Book Jar

Yesterday I was coping with the fact that there’s not enough time in a human life to read all the book we wish to read.
But maybe, it’s not time the thing that lacks. Not in my case, anyway.
I stared at my shelves with defiance, waving “hello” to the few books I have read from first to last page, and approching cautiously towards those who are waiting for me.
I have an endless list of started-but-not-yet-finished books and another endless list of bought-but-never-even-cracked books.
So, here came my idea.
It took me time, but I made a little card for every title on these 2 lists, folded and put it in this old olives jar. 
It’s too full it’s complicated even to mix the cards, and I wasn’t brave enough to actually count how many of those are in there, but I did it.

-Okay, great. But now, why did you waste time like this?-

Well… I decided that this books polygamy of mine has to stop.
I love to read, but my curiosity on every book I accidentally see is ruining that book reading and all the others’.
So, this jar is my way of not getting the reader’s block, choosing what book to read and stick to that one until its last page.
I’ll let you know if this plan worked, fingers and pages angles crossed!

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