#Resist! | A zine by Miriam Frei

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Decades ago, writers used to meet and talk in Literary Cafés, beautiful and elegant places where they could sit down; drink coffee, tea or, more likely, alcohol; and chat about new ideas, share thoughts and do a lot of reading.
Nowadays, life is easier (And, I must admit, lacks a little of charm) with the internet; writers can sit in their own houses and meet other writers, share ideas and still drink alcohol, without being judged, with just a screen in front of them.
It’s thanks to the internet, and Twitter, to be more specific, that I got to meet Miriam.
We share Italy for different reasons, but if there’s something that my country did well is letting me to get to know her.
Miriam is also a writer, she will start university soon (So excited for her!) studying philosophy and, as I feel chatting with her and following her words around the internet, is a very passionate young woman.
Not very popular among people our age, she’s interested in what happens outside her house, which is exactly what surprised me the most.
Miriam wrote a zine, her first one; it’s a small collection of poetry and personal thoughts about one topic that’s really important to her: the importance to be strong under the rule of the new president of the USA.

She stops at the dystopian. She picks one up, slowly realizing, they are fiction no longer

It’s no surprise now saying that Miriam, and I with her, don’t agree at all with his ideas, but she got braver and shared her opinions on a homemade publication that she was so nice to send to me.
I’m not doing any spoilers, besides a few quotes; what I really want to share in this post, that reading Miriam’s “#Resist!” push me to write down, is how important is, nowadays, starting to think that we don’t belong to just our country. We belong to the whole Earth. Problems of another continent should be our problems as well.
We should all, like Miriam, be interested in what’s happening all around the world, share our thoughts and make a statement, exactly like she did in her beautiful zine.

This is what every writer should do. Not just share stories, but also be a messanger for opinions, help those in need and stop everything wrong that needs to be stopped.

Thanks Miriam for your wonderful “#Resist!”, and thanks to be a young trailblazer that will cut thorugh the ground with her path, to leave a sign.

You can find Miriam on her website: betweenlinesandlife.wordpress.com


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