Nice to meet you, 2017!

It’s 1 o’ clock in the morning while I’m starting writing this, and my mom and I are having a break on our monopoly game.
Yes, my New Year’s Eve was quite low key this year, celebrating with a last movie night in the local movie theatre (Passenger was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!) and now eating, drinking and paying rent on fictional houses on our first morning of 2017.

These are the last few hours I want to allow myself to think of the 366 days behind me; from the moment I’ll wake up later in the morning, I will just think about the blank pages ahead of me.
So, let’s do a brief recap of my 2016.

– I started working my first real job (And it’s almost 1 year of me being a professional content writer!)
– I officialy started writing my novel, Aftermath.
– I took my dad to a Pink Floyd Tribute Band concert, and we loved it.
– I also took my dad to our first Muse concert, on his birthday, and I cried of happiness!
– I visited London for the first time with my good friend Giulia.
– I also visited Copenhagen for the second time! Loved it even more than the first one!
– I travelled to Rome, twice, stayed at my best friend’s, Selene, and also spent time with another good friend of mine, Mary.
– I had another business travel to Tuscany, for a project of coastal cleaning.
– I became more environmental caring.
– I started giving more.
– I went to the movie theater 30 times in 12 months!
– I bought many books and fell in love with Sylvia Plath (Who will never take Fitzgerald’s place, don’t worry!)
– I met new friends on the internet, who are now very important to me.

I also did not reach a few goals that I had plan, which are now part of my 2017 new year resolutions.

– I want to finish my book, editing at all, and write more on this website.
– I want to move away, crossing my fingers Denmark will be my destination!
– I want to eat healthier and do more sport. (I already am an active person, but all my activeness flies away with pizza, hamburgers and crisps.)
– This is quite important. I want to care less about people judgments. Don’t get me wrong, opinions really are important, but just when the criticism is constructive. When people say bad things about you, without a valid explanation, those are the words that you have to ignore. Don’t let people stop you or make you question yourself.

So, my wish for myself and everyone I know is to believe that 2017 will be the year of our dreams, to work hard to reach our goals, be happier and more positive. I know it’s hard, but we can do this, people!

A super happy 2017 to everyone!

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