New Projects!

Hello everyone!
This post is just a brief introduction to what I’m planning on doing with this blog, from now on.
I have main ideas I want to develop.

 #1: A F. Scott Fitzgerald Series
It’s quite useless to say that Fitzgerald is my favourite author. So, why not writing a series of post about him and his work?
I’m planning on reading his bibliography in a chronological order, and write a post for each work.

 #2: Women in Literature
During my uncountable hours spent in bookshops and library, I had the pleasure of discover some strong female personalities really worth focusing on. This next series will be about not necessarily writers, but important women of literature. (Hint: Zelda Fitzgerald will of course be a part of this, followed by Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf and who knows…)

 #3: Dante’s Inferno
During just as many uncountable hours spent in Italian class, I got the great pleasure of studying one of the best Italian authors of all time: Dante. A big part of Italian classes in high school focus on studying the Divina Commedia, that I just recently re-discovered. So, this series of articles will be about the first part of the Comedy: Hell. (Which is also my favourite, don’t judge.)

 #4: A Sylvia Plath’s Poem a Day
Not long ago, thanks to a video by Stripped Cover Lit, I fell in love with Mrs Plath and her work.
Considering that poetry is quite underrated nowadays and that people needs to know about Sylvia Plath because she’s amazing, I decided of publishing one of her poems, every day, starting Monday 06th March. Who knows if anyone will accidentally encounter one of these posts and fall in love with her just as much as I did… (I certainly hope so!)

 #5:  Philosophy
In the high school I attended and graduated from, I didn’t have a philosophy class, but I was also quite interested in reading about it. I started with Nietzsche (Yes, I know), but now I want to take this big commitment and start from the basics. And taking you along with me.

So, here are my probably too ambitious plans for my blog from now on. I cross my fingers you will enjoy these new things, because I certainly enjoy reading and sharing this with you.



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  1. I don’t think your plans are too ambitious at all. I’m excited for a Sylvia Plath’s poem a day. She is one of my favorite poems

    1. Thank you very much! I’ll post a random poem every day, hope you will enjoy!

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