Rentals | Moving to Copenhagen, Denmark


Finding a room in Copenhagen is sore subject. With hundreds of people moving to the Danish capital every month, there’s a lack of accommodation that doesn’t help at all.Rules to find an accommodation in Copenhagen: do not have too high standards and do not expect long-term.
The average price for a room in a shared apartment varies from 4000-8000kr/month (540-1.075€) depending on a lot of factors (area, bills included, size of the room, etc.) Also remember that you will often have to pay a huge deposit before moving in.You might be lucky and find something long-term right away, but do not expect that to be easy. I moved here on the 7th of July, and on the 01st of March I will have to move for the 3rd time (Lucky enough, in a long-term studio apartment!)

Where to find an accommodation:

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