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“Six writers, four romances, one overnight success. Good thing they’re only armed with pens…” Authors Anonymous

Do you know those movies that, when you’re watching them, you hate almost every character in it, the story feels weird, the actions predictable and yet, when it comes to and end (With a  cliffhanger, damn it!) you think: “What? Already? I want some more!”
Yes? Well, this is one of those. At least for me.
It’s not hard to understand why I chose to watch it; I can honestly admit that I really googled “Movies about writers” and found out about this. (If you like movies about writers too, watch the amazing “The Hours” if you haven’t already!)
Its plot is simple: a group of writers meet regularly to talk and share their writing, when one of those (Can you hear Sheldon knocking on her door saying “Penny! Penny! Penny!” too?) gets an agent and her career starts to take off. Everyone gets jealous of her, obviously.
The funny thing about Authors Anonymous is that every character is the personification of wanna-be writers mistakes.
Penny.. ehm… Hannah is the writer who does not read (She has never read The Great Gatsby, can you believe it?) and to quote Stephen King “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write”. So true, I learned it too.
Going on, William, who quotes and imitates Bukowski all-the-time, lives as a writer, but he really isn’t one because, guess what? He doesn’t write.
Colette and Alan, married couple that I really can’t stand, are the worst. She keeps pushing to publish her not-so-good idea, without considering the fact that she could improve it or live with the fact that it’s not good at all, and he just records himself with ideas that will never really take him somewhere. Then there’s John, who has a complete manuscript and decides to walk towards the self-publishing path, without success, deceiving himself.
Last but not least (Because I think he’s the best character in this mess of people) there is Henry, with his degree in one hand and his “Read books list” in the other. He’s a 95% writer; he reads a lot, he’s passionate about the authors he likes, he loves this job and really wants to make his dream come true BUT he gets too distracted with other things: here lies the Writer’s Block.
I won’t tell how the movie goes, you’ll have to find out yourself, but what I liked about this is (Hiding the moments when I rolled my eyes because of certain characters) that this movie really shows what some writers really lack of. It was a 1 and a half hours lesson for me, that I will really keep in mind. Let’s thank David Congalton, the writer of the movie, for that. (And for every mention about Fitzgerald too!)

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