Letter to my 17 year old self

Dear Alessandra of 2012,
what a weird year has been for you. And more weirdness is about to come in just 3 weeks. Yes, in a little more than 20 days, you will be 18 years old.
Seems amazing, huh? Finally, the beginning of the adult life. Just on the paper; we know that your adult life started way long before the 18 candles on the cake.

Well, the Alessandra who’s writing to you is about to turn 23. I know, 23! You always think “23 is the age my parents got married, it’s adult life in its depth, I will have done so many things, I will have a whole different life!”
I’m so glad to tell you that you were right.

First, you did it. You moved abroad. It just took some more time than you expect.
In one year and a half, after a long final year at school, you’ll graduate and have to move back to mum’s; everything will feel strange again. But you will find a job soon and just after a few months, you will visit a new amazing country!
Yes, it won’t be England, even if you are so thrilled of visiting it soon, but it will be as amazing.
You will also visit London, but it will be Denmark where you will move to.
You will stick to the idea of the British capital for a while, but then you will change your mind, and everything will be easy.
Also hard – the wait will drive you insane – but you will be able to escape that place you feel you don’t belong to, and you will live in Copenhagen. And you will be happy.
Yes, happy.

Your fondness of the English language will be so useful. I know you can’t wait to speak English to somebody, since you never have the occasion to do it, and you will. You will speak so much English that all three languages will mix in your brain and you will create multilingual sentences.
Yes, I said three. You will also start learning Danish, and even if it sounds complicated, it won’t be that hard. Just a little.
But English will be all around you, and you will love it so much.

That part-time job that you will have in Italy will be a far memory, when you will move here. Instead of complaining for doing always the same thing, here you will have so much to do, and complete different tasks during the same day. But those 8 hours will fly.

You will also make really good friends. Sometimes you won’t understand them, there will be issues and paranoias, but they will be good. You will laugh a lot, feel satisfaction on your skin, be tired in the evenings but won’t wait to wake up again to live the next day.

Eveything will be amazing, just as you wanted it, and always with a little space for improvement.
So, Alessandra, you can do it. Just keep going, you will make it.

Alessandra of 2017

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