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Hello fellow writers!
Since CampNaNoWriMo starts in just 2 days, I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you some of my favorite tools for writing.
camp_nano_logoFirst thing first, what is CampNaNoWriMo? Right. Well, if you are a writer who’s struggling with, obviously, writing, just click here and go join our mad hatters camp.
It’s a writing community for people who share this passion and want to keep writing whatever is that they are/want to write (novel, fanfictions, non-fiction, recipe book, groceries list… Ehm, wait.)
Search for a cabin that suits you on NaNoWriMo (The main site) and be prepared to virtually meet new friends. You can chat with each other, support each other and, why not, have a mental breakdown with each other (Come on, every writer has those once in a while.)
After you create your camper profile and upload a very nice picture of yourself, you have to set a new project, with title, a word-count goal that you will update as soon as the project starts, the category and the genre. You can also write a synopsis and an excerpt of your future book. That’s it, your backpack and tent are ready! Now all you need is your beautiful idea for the project and a bottle of perseverance. The best way to start and finish your project is to write every day, with or without the Camp. This will just support you for a whole month, but you have to do the main stuff: type those words on the keyboard.
Okay, after all this long introduction, go add me as writing buddy on NaNoWriMo here and let’s go on with the post.

  1. Pen and notebook
    What? Really? In 2016? With all that technology thing going on?
    Yes. I’m very old school, I know (Actually, yesterday I went shopping and the store assistant looked at me like I was insane when I asked her if non-ripped jeans still exist. But, what can I do about it? I’d go out in a flapper dress if I could.)
    Anyway, yes, I have multiples notebooks with multiples things written on with multiples different pens.
    1. One small notebook is for random ideas, just for notes, and I carry it with me everywhere I go. You never know what can inspire you and gift you with a great idea. I also use the voice recorder on my phone when I can not stop and write things down.
    2. I have another notebook for short stories and fanfictions. All pages are numbered and there’s an index on the first one, since I can’t change their order and I have different ideas for different stories in a non-chronological way.
    3. And then, the main one, the big guy of my notebook collection, the general of my army: my writing planner. Searching on the world wide web I found planner sheets for characters, plot, settings, etc., and wrote them down. They also sell ready-to-go planners like mine, but I preferred to create my own one. This is the best if you have a very clear idea on your mind and you are a compulsive planner like I am.
  2. Laptop
    Obviously. And no, I don’t own a MacBook (Yep, still old school.)
    My friend is an Asus with Windows 10, but any computer is fine, with the right programs installed. I of course use it to write my stories and my blog posts, waste time on social networks, watch movies and TV shows (I’m probably the only one who still buys dvds left on Earth), relax with music and spend my free time in general. Maybe I overuse it, but I really can’t imagine my life without having a computer. It’s an essential item, like the fridge and the bed (This last sentence explains e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.)
  3. Quoll Writer
    What? No Scrivener?
    Well, what about a cheaper-free-almost the same option?
    I agree that Scrivener is a great tool, but Quoll Writer is like his little brother. They look so much alike! Maybe it’s because I prefer to write notes down on paper, so I’d never use all Scrivener options, but Quoll Writer suits my needs.
    And no, Microsoft Word is just for middle school essays, not for serious writing, sorry.
  4. Pinterest
    For me, the best social network existing.
    Facebook: too much trash.
    Twitter: not enough words.
    Instagram: too many self-centered people.
    Tumblr: too many fake-depressed people.
    Pinterest has everything: pictures, words, organization. You can create boards and pin pictures on them to save everything you like on your profile. And you know the two best things about Pinterest? (Besides the huge amount of pictures of that actor that you really like. Hello Tom Hiddleston!)
    1. There are so many pictures and articles about writing; tips, quotes, planners (Guess where I found mine?)
    2. Pinterest is a flood of inspiration for creative people. Photos of cities and landscapes can help you decide the setting of your story, while pictures of actors, singers and people in general can make the creation of your characters much easier.After all, a picture can say a thousand words, right?
  5. Music & books
    I can’t be very specific on my suggestions on this two topics, since tastes are subjective, but I think this two arts can help a writer so much.
    Books, of course, because we all need a teacher, a lighthouse during our trip in the dark waters of words, and even a way to distract ourselves and escape from life for a little.
    How can you write if you don’t read? someone told me once, and he was so right. I improved my skills so much since I started reading more. Find the genre you like, the author you enjoy reading, don’t buy a book just because everyone is reading it. (No, this is not an innuendo about 50 shades of Grey, I’m talking about real books. Just kidding.)
    For example, I’m in love with the city of Chicago, and my research brought me to both Veronica Roth and her Divergent Series, and the 1920s, which brought me to both F. Scott Fitzgerald and jazz music, one of the genres I’m obsessed with.
    Don’t follow the crowd and be you, with your original tastes.
    I listen to exclusively instrumental music when I read and write, because lyrics distract me, and I find it very helpful. Silence drives me crazy.
    Alternative to music: Noisli.com
    On this website you can manage your background, choosing among 16 different sounds, and you can also create a profile and save them. I usually play rain, thunderstorm  and train together, I find the mix so relaxing and productive.

Here they are, my essential tools for writing. I really hope this long word-fall was helpful!

x A 

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