Hello everybody!
I never would have guessed that my first post on my personal blog would have been this, but it’s my way to celebrate a new achievement: by writing about it!
We all have insecurities, even the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel must have something that she doesn’t really like about her body (No, they are not perfect, they are just humans, like the rest of us. Hard to believe, uh?), and my main one is my skin.
Everytime I looked at myself in the mirror, all I could see was my very fair skin in all her redness, light-but-not-invisible acne, blackheads and all that jazz.
Well, you could just wear make-up to cover it!
Yes, that’s what I’ve thought so many times. I bought so many different foundations, from the cheapest to the more expensive ones, but my skin still didn’t look much better. I even preferred not to wear make up because it made the situation worse. My T zone, so my nose and the skin between my eyebrows, was a mess. It was like the foundation made my oily face drier, my skin nose was peeling off and the whole make-up was cakey and not so nice to see. I even tried many different moisturizers, but the situation was still the same, until just a week ago.
I realized that I needed a really good product to hydrate my skin, so I went to Sephora and a really nice girl made me try what I now call “my miracle cream”: Rexaline Hydra-Dose.
The price of this product is very high both in Italy and other countries, but I can assure you that, if you have the same problem as I used to, it’s worth it. Just after one day (You have to put it on both in the morning and in the evening) my skin looked and felt better. And right now, a week later (And the day after a quite painful but good facial from a professionist) my makeup is exactly as I wanted it to be. My bare skin still needs a few more touches, but I’m working on that.
So, my advice is: save a few money, don’t buy that new wonderful but not essential dress, and give your skin what it needs. You will feel better and much more confident.
We all have different types of skin, so I cannot assure you this product will work on you; just talk to an expert about you problem!
I really hope this article will be helpful to who suffers of this same problem, and let me know if you have any question!

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