How easily words can describe life

Good morning everyone!
I just tried an interesting Facebook app that made me think. It’s the “Most used words on Facebook” app, and this was my result.

Considering the fact that I most publish pictures than writing posts on my Facebook page, this is pretty amazing. I think these words describe myself in a very complete way.

Amazing, because yes, I tend to get amazed by stuff. I’m an emotional person who gets excited even just watching the seaside, when holding a new book in the hands, when listening to a really good song. I really get amazed by life.
Quote, well… Yes, I post so many quote pictures, and here lays my writer soul. That’s how much I love written words.
Muse, my favourite band of all time, plus huge inspiration for my writing, together with Woody AllenEmma Stone and many other people.
I think I love Birthdays too much, since they made it up here. I’m not talking about parties, sometimes I really hate those, but the abstract idea of a birthday. It’s a so important day, celebrating just one person’s existence. I just love them.
Filmcinemawriting, movie, all things that I really love. I’m a cinema obsessed person.
Inglese (=English), treno (=train) are other two very important things in my life. Well, trains are not that important, it’s just the way of transport that I get to go to work. But, wondering about it a little more, they also get me to amazing places, to amazing people that I love, so maybe they are important. And English, well, considering that I’m using it right now to share this with you, and considering how much my wish of learning it perfectly has grown over the years, it’s pretty essential.
FerraraVeniceLondon. Three really different places. The first one gave me so many beautiful things. I was close to my dad, I met so many good friends, I had my first proper work experience, I fell in love for the first time, and even if I don’t live there anymore, this town will always fill a part of my heart. Venice occupies the #1 place in my “Favourite cities that I visited”. And I also work there, maybe that’s why I refer to it that much on my Facebook page. But Venice makes me feel at home every time I get out of its train station and watch the canal in front of me. Last but not least (Really not least) is London, my main goal that goes hand in hand with publishing my first novel. I’m planning on moving to London next January, finally fulfilling my dream of living in an English-speaking country.
Last word: memories. Because, even if past can really hurt, you sometimes have to watch back and remember what happened to you, what made you what you are now. You can smile, remembering good moments, being sad for things or people that are no longer in your life, and be proud of yourself for what you have learnt from mistakes.

Now go and try this game yourself, I think it’s a really interesting way of discovering the main aspects of someone’s life, in a funny way.
Thank you lots for reading!


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