Home is where the Earth is

-Where do you live?
-I have an apartment in the north of Italy
-And how do you take care of your apartment?
-Well, I clean and tidy it up, I fix things when they are broken, I repaint the walls…
-Okay, now think bigger. Where do you live?
-Italy, Europe…?
-Even bigger.
-On the Earth?!
-Great. How do you take care of that?

This introduction is quite self-explanatory. This article is about the environment, our poor planet.
Since I started writing my novel, and the idea developed and expanded in my mind, I realized that my plot was taking a quite important environmental path. My dystopian manuscript set at the end of this century is just my fictional view of how the Earth might be in 80 years, but many problems that I highlighted among the chapters are real.

Many of the problems on “The Earth is sick” list might not affect you personally, and you probably even think, because they are so far from your life, that  they didn’t even exist. They do.
Your city might be clean, you probably don’t live near a beach or a polluted area, but there is more than meets the eye. And that more that you probably don’t see, needs to be stopped.

-Okay, what can I do?
First, don’t think that you need to do a lot, to be helpful.
Many people doing just one thing can do more than one person doing all the work possible.
What I personally do is helping Greenpeace. (No introduction needed, you all know what it is, right?)

-So I have to spend my hard-earned money and  give it to someone else?
You don’t have to, but you can. If you feel like helping this cause, you can give something to this organisation (Even ¬£5 is something!).
You will be sure that your money will be given to a serious organisation that works everyday to save the Earth.
You can also look up on the internet and search for local events!

Here’s a little self promotion
The company I work for will host an event called “NOVASOL Coastal Care”, next week, 6 and 7 May 2017.
Every year, the offices of 10 European countries organize, in selected beaches, river shores or lakes, a clean-up to remove rubbish and pollution from our waters.

It’s not just aesthetics, it’s not just to make the beach cleaner for tourists to enjoy.
It’s about life, about plants and animals that live in those waters all year long. They are in danger. 

Here’s the link to the English page of the event. Whatever European country is you live in, look for the page of it.
We can all do something for our planet. The Earth is sick, we made it that way, it’s our duty to cure it. 

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