Brit days – Part 1

Everyone has its own place in the world. It doesn’t necessarily have to be where we were born, where we grew up or the stop where we get off the train every morning to go to work. Our place can be everywhere in the world, where we already are or on the other side of the planet, we just have to feel it. That’s the important thing: what we feel when we are in a certain place, that’s what we need to focus on.
I have been dreaming about my beautiful open space/loft on the last floor of a skyscraper in Chicago for years now, even if I have never been there even once, but I now feel that moving there is something that an older Alex will do. It’s not my place right now.
After months of wondering about it and a too short trip, I now realize how much I need to be in London. (Alternative post title: “The Italian who wants to live in London cliché.”)
Since I started watching movies in their original language, I’ve realized how much I wanted to live in a county where I can spend the whole day speaking English. That’s how much I love this language. You can imagine my pure joy when I walked around the UK capital city listening (or better, eavesdropping) English people chatting!
But let’s skip this background story and get to the part where I show you too many pictures of my trip and get you jealous! (Just kidding! Maybe.)


Treviso Airport

So, everything started on the 3rd of June, when I got an imaginary medal for my first time on a plane by myself. Not a too big deal, but I really enjoy doing thing for the first time, so I definitely will remember this. I actually spent the whole afternoon in airports, since my flight was delayed (Italian transport system and punctuality don’t really coexist in the same sentence) and when I landed in London Stansted I had to wait for my travel buddy and her flight. We then catched the train to Liverpool Street station and just when we stepped outside I realized where I really was. I couldn’t stop myself from saying “I’m really in London!” over and over again!


Liverpool Street Station and Underground

Then we catched the Underground to Queensway, the nearest stop to our hotel, and had and amazing dinner in a really nice place called “Noah’s”. Yes, I snapchatted it and forgot to save the picSnapchat-4440732330580559134.jpgture before writing on it, but doesn’t this look so good?
After dinner, the evening was quite easy, we just walked to the hotel and, after a little English TV, went to bed. There was an amazing day coming ahead for the two of us!


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