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Welcome to my bookshelf!
This is the list of the books I’ve read, and clicking on the links you can read my reviews!
I’m working on writing a review for all the books. If they are still missing, wait for them,they are coming really soon!
Enjoy your reading!

  • Asher, Jay
    – Thirteen
  • Ballard, J.G.
    – High Rise
  • Baricco, Alessandro
    – An Illiad
    – Novecento: pianist
  • Brown, Dan
    – Da Vinci’s Code
  • Burroughs, William & Kerouac, Jack
    – And he Hippos were boiled in their Tanks
  • Cacucci, Pino
    – Viva la Vida!
  • Calvino, Italo
    – The Baron in the Trees
    – The Cloven Viscount
  • Carver, Raymond
    – What we talk about when we talk about love
  • De Saint-Exupéry, Antoine
    – The Little Prince
  • Fitzgerald, F. Scott
    – The Great Gatsby
    – Tales of the Jazz Age
    – How to live on $ 36000 a year
    – News of Paris – Fifteen Years Ago
  • Hawkins, Paula
    The Girl on the Train
  • Hawthorne, Nathaniel
    – The Scarlet Letter
  • James, E. L.
    – Fifty Shades of Grey
  • King, Stephen
    – On Writing
  • Lewis, Roy
    – The Evolution Man, Once Upon an Ice Age, What We Did to Father
  • Orwell, George
    – 1984
  • Pennac, Daniel
    – The Rights of the Reader
  • Roth, Veronica
    – Divergent
    – Insurgent
  • Russell, Helen
    The Year of Living Danishly
  • Shakespeare, William
    – Romeo and Juliet
  • Stockett, Kathryn
    – The Help
  • Sugg, Zoe
    – Girl Online
  • Wikings, Mike
    The Little Book of Hygge
  • Woolf, Virginia
    – A Room of One’s Own


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