A week in Scotland

It’s only been a little more than two weeks, but I already miss Scotland quite a lot. This country made a really good impression in my eyes, and I can’t wait to go back there and spend a little more time walking around the streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow, visit museums, get to know more about the history of this amazing place and hike around its desolated green carpets of grass.

Day 1

Calton Hill

Calton Hill

After our 2 hours flight from Copenhagen to Edinburgh, we landed in a cold but sunny country. We were quite lucky, since it never rained during our whole stay.

We left our luggage (And the beginning of my compulsive book-shopping) in our Airbnb room in Haymarket and went for a walk around the city. Princes Street Gardens was a beautiful public park with a view of Edinburgh Castle watching over it. It also has a fascinating working floral clock with a charming cuckoo bird counting every hour.

Second stop: Calton Hill! This hill is located in the exact centre of Edinburgh, and holds quite a lot of important monuments, such as the National Monument and the Dugald  Stewart Monument. The view from this hill is amazing!

Day 2 and 3

Arthur's Seat

Seating on Arthur’s Seat

The second day started with a long walk. We hiked to the top of a hill, to Arthur’s Seat. Another great spot with a breathtaking view over the Scottish capital.

The last place before getting the train to Glasgow, was the Elephant House. Every big fan of J.K. 

The Elephant House

The Elephant House

Rowling and Harry Potter will know what I’m talking about. I’m not a huge fan myself, but it was fascinating to look around this famous place, important for the history of contemporary literature, but mostly for having been the location that helped an author fulfil her dream.

Glasgow is as amazing as Edinburgh, but in a completely different way. When the capital gives you the impression of travelling to the past, Glasgow is a cozy place that seems to make you feel at home even if it’s your first time among its streets.

We took our time to walk around the city centre (and its bookshops). We saw the equestrian statue of Duke Wellington and its orange cone hat,  had tea in the Willow Tea Room and, of course, visited many huge book shops.

Day 4 and 5

Quiraing, Scotland



Culnacnoc, Scotland


The fourth day is rental car day! We started our road trip to Fort William stopping a few times to admire some more amazing landscapes, like this one during our short stop in Glencoe. We then stayed in

Neist Point, Scotland

Neist Point, Scotland

Invergarry for the night, enjoyed some rest, ready for our next destination.

We had a brief stop in Dornie, to enjoy the fantastic view over the loch and Eilean Donan Castle, to continue later towards Skye.
Wow, this island is so beautiful!

We spent some hours hiking in Quiraing, to reach later Culnacnoc and it’s view of the sea.

Next hike: Neist Point! Yes, another breathtaking view, no need to say more.

If you plan to stay in the North West part of Skye, I can definitely suggest the Airbnb we booked in Waternish. Both the room and the host were amazing, and, guess what? Yes, another great view of the sea!

Day 6 and 7

The most amazing place of all was in the itinerary for Saturday: the Fairy Pools in Glenbrittle. Definitely the most fun hike we had, jumping from one stone to the other, following the water path, back to the waterfalls.

Fairy Pools, Scotland

Fairy Pools

Urquhart Castle

Urquhart Castle


Back to the Scottish mainland, we also visited Urquhart Castle, an important part of Scotland’s history, and saw the most famous loch of all: Loch Ness. No sight of Nessy, unfortunately!

During our last day, after leaving another beautiful Airbnb room in Perth, we stayed in the city for some time and walked another interesting path in the woods, to reach the top of Kinnoull Hill and look down at the whole city, just before heading back to Edinburgh airport.

Kinnoull Hill, Perth, Scotland

Kinnoull Hill

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