642 Things to Write About – Book Review

I got another book today: “642 Things to Write About“!
Yes, I know, what a news. But the nice thing about this book is that is an inspiration spring for writers.
My new friend has 642 different writing prompts, a few about personal stuff, others about hypotetical moments that you have to imagine and write about. Here are a few examples:

  • You are Frankestein. Write a letter to Mary Shelley thanking her for making your story famous.
  • Write a scene that begins with these words: “It was the first time I killed a man”.
  • The perfect recipe to make a disaster.
  • Write a story base on the title of your favourite song.
  • Write a wedding vow. The bride is 35 years old: it’s her first marriage. The groom is 48 and it’s his 3rd time on the altar.
  • You are stuck on the high-way in the worst blocake ever for at least 2 days. What is happening?

I’m so excited to start writing these stories, and I will definitely publish a few of them on here.

In the meantime, if you are on a budget or just can’t wait to write something, but lack ideas, here’s my Pinterest board of all the great writing prompts that I’ve found on the internet. Feel free to use them and share yours stories here in the comments!

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