I already failed my reading list…

Almost 4 months ago, I published an article about my Reading List of 2017; all the books I had planned to finish and read during these 12 months.
Now, thinking about it, I realized I completely failed. And because I failed, I deserve to publicly humiliate myself about it.
I had 9 new books to read and 6 books to finish, on my list. Well… None of those are on my “currently reading” one.
I have to say this: I bought 16 new books. And it’s only the end of March. I’m guilty.
In my defense, I can honestly admit that 3 of these were on super sale (€8 for 3 books!) and… Well, I really don’t have any excuse on the other 13 books. I just wanted them.
I have to face it: I’m a bookaholic. I’m addicted to printed paper. There’s nothing I can do about it. I tried to detoxify myself, but without any results.
So, to all of those who are reading this and might have any kind of relation with a writer or a reader: don’t judge us. We love books, we spend on books but those are not wasted money. They are our way to escape the real word for other ones, to travel in space and time and to be happy. Support us and go hide our wallets right now (Really, do it!)

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