12 places I would like to visit in 2018

  • Helsingør
    Since I moved to Denmark in July, I’ve been thinking about visiting the amazing Kronborg Castle, the home of the Shakesperian character Hamlet.
  • Aarhus
    I’ve only hear nice things about the second largest city of Denmark, and from the pictures I’ve seen, it will definitely be a hyggeligt stay.
  • Odense
    Can a H.C. Andersen obssessed like me not visit the author’s hometown? Of course not.
  • Bornholm
    This is a place people mention all the time in Denmark, and from the fantastic pictures, definitely worth a visit.
  • Oslo
    Crossing danish borders, I can’t wait to see the norwegian capital city (I’m definitely getting Scandinavia obssessed)
  • Malmö
    This swedish city is so close to Copenhagen that you can easily reach it by taking a bus or a train and crossing the famous Øresud Bridge.
  • Stockholm
    Another scandinavian capital city that is a must-see.
  • London
    It would not be the first time, but I miss London and I really want to go back to the british City.
  • Farøe Islands
    Another small part of the Kingdom of Denmark, this islands seem to have a peculiar charme that I would love to discover.
  • Paris
    Since I watched Midnight in Paris for the first time, I wish to visit this city and go around all the places that F. Scott Fitzgerald has been to during his stay in the french capital.
  • Athens
    When I was really young, I was in love with Greek mythology. I’ve been to Greece once, but never in the capital.
  • Reykjavik
    Iceland. No explanation needed. I’m pretty sure it’s one of those places that is on everybody’s list “Things to do before I die”
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